WHY sprouted

Our Process

Germination or sprouting is the natural process of a seed just beginning to grow into a plant.

Our sprouting process begins with a carefully selected high quality seed. After soaking in fresh water, we provide optimal moisture, warmth and oxygen for natural germination. Then, as the seed begins to sprout, many biochemical reactions fundamentally change its nutrient profile. Because our process is tightly controlled, we can measure changes to ensure consistency.

Sprouting time varies depending on the seed and how it will be used. We stop each batch at the perfect time to maximize nutrition, digestion and function. Finally, we gently dry the seeds, which preserves the beneficial changes and makes the sprouted grain or seed shelf stable. This process can be customized to meet your needs.

the benefits of sprouting

Today, consumer demand for healthy, natural and minimally processed foods is growing rapidly. Drawing on ancient food practices, we produce ingredients that satisfy bakers, chefs, manufacturers and consumers alike.

utilize ancient and slow food traditions

For centuries, people wouldn’t eat grains and beans without natural processing like soaking, sprouting and fermenting. Cultures all over the world understood that proper preparation was vital to increase digestibility and nutrient availability. Some cultures passed this wisdom down through generations, while others lost it through industrialization.

Today, sprouting is resurging as more people seek foods prepared in slow and traditional ways. Sprouting offers no shortcuts, so customers trust that they are receiving a wholesome and healthful product.

improve nutrition and digestion

For many people, unsprouted grains and beans cause digestive discomfort. Sprouting activates starch, protein and lipid degrading enzymes that “pre-digest” seeds. Namely, it converts dense proteins and complex carbs into more digestible amino acids and simple sugars. Despite the starch to sugar conversion, sprouted grains have a very low glycemic index.

All grains also contain nutrient inhibitors to protect valuable nutrients from being utilized until optimal growing conditions are met. Unfortunately, these prevent us from fully absorbing the seed’s nutrients. Sprouting unlocks nutrient inhibitors like phytic acid, depending on the seed and sprouting time. For example, chickpeas sprouted for 48 hours have a 67% decrease in phytic acid. For this reason, sprouted grains, seeds and beans are considered more digestible and bioavailable.

optimize baking performance

  • Increase loaf volume
  • Softer and fluffier texture than unsprouted whole grains
  • Richer and more complex taste profiles
  • No bitterness, resulting in a sweeter flavour
  • Low glycemic index
  • Need less sugar in recipe
  • Longer shelf life (over 1 year for flour)
  • Bread stales at a slower rate
Whole grains can bring several challenges, including inconsistent performance, dense texture, a bitter flavor profile and more rapid staling.  Sprouting improves taste and texture, and makes whole grains more user-friendly. You can create fresh, wholesome baked goods with sprouted flours, whole grains and seeds, or a custom blend.

Quick and easy food service preparation

  • No pre-soaking needed for dried pulses
  • Reduces cooking time (most cases by half)
  • Fuller, more complex taste profiles
  • No bitterness, resulting in sweeter flavours
  • Better texture and mouthfeel
  • Swap 1:1 for unsprouted or canned
Discover new flavours and textures, keep up with market trends and expand your healthy menu offerings. Easily incorporate sprouted grains and beans into salads, grain bowls, soup, curries, porridge, granolas and more!

create unique and nutritious products

  • Easily incorporate new flavours and textures
  • Richer and more complex taste profiles
  • No bitterness, resulting in sweeter flavours
  • Need less sugar when formulating
  • Sprouted grains and seeds add that coveted crunch to snack foods, granola, cereal and more
  • Custom sprouted flour blends create delicious breads, cookies, crackers, chips and more
The market for sprouted products is growing rapidly and product applications are endless! We will help you to produce products that are mouth-watering, innovative and on trend.