The Sprouting Process

Seed germination is one of the most important natural processes on Earth. 


Seed germination is truly one of the building blocks of life as we know it. Germination or sprouting is the process by which a seed grows into a plant. This process requires three things: water, oxygen, and the right temperature. 

Our custom process helps to maintain consistent germination in order to produce a uniform product with each seed batch.

Improved taste, texture and functionality

Antioxidant activity during germination is possibly responsible for binding up unstable oils within seeds such as flax, chia, and wheat, and extending the shelf life of these milled flours from a few months to a year or more.

Our real time shelf life studies indicate that sprouted wheat flour does not go rancid as quickly as unsprouted wheat flour and has a shelf life of over 1 year. 

During germination a number of structural changes occur, producing complex flavours and delightful textures. Bitterness is neutralized and some seeds take on sweeter, nuttier flavours. The seed's texture is also enhanced, ranging from soft and delicate to chewy or crunchy.

Time, Oxygen, H20

At Everspring, we provide optimal conditions so that our grains and seeds germinate naturally in our controlled environment just as they would in nature. We allow the seeds to sprout, during which time a whole host of biochemical reactions takes place within the seeds, fundamentally changing their nutrient profile.

Optimal sprouting time is largely dependent on the seed itself, as well as how the sprouted seed will be used. We will work with you to create a unique sprouted product that fits your needs.

Industrial Applications

When working with whole grain flour, consistency can be an issue. When baking and manufacturing a finished good, you want to make sure when the raw goods are combined, a uniform product is produced. In sprouting, molecular structural changes occur within the seed which we can measure through the sprouting process. With that comes the opportunity for customization.


The germination process is so complex that scientists don’t yet understand all of the biochemical reactions that take place, however, here is what we do know:


All seeds contain nutrient inhibitors (anti-nutrients) that bind to nutrients in the seed to prevent them from being released before growing conditions are optimal. Enzymes created during germination unlock these nutrient inhibitors in the seed, converting them into a form that can be used by the seed to foster growth. Before the growing seed uses up too many nutrients, we dry the seeds to lock in these nutrients, which are now more bioavailable for our bodies when we consume them.

Sprouted Products

A wide combination of sprouted seeds and grains can be incorporated into blends that are specific to a product and customer requirement. Whether you want to meet customer demands, keep up with market trends, add new and exciting flavour and texture, improve functionality or enhance the nutrition and digestibility of your product, we look forward to working with you.



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