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Using the ancient practice of sprouting to produce sprouted grains, flours and blends that can be easily assimilated into your product to add flavour, texture and a nutritional story.

Sprouted Ingredients


Sprouted ingredients are experiencing a resurgence in the modern food industry as a wholesome inclusion that can offer functionality, taste and texture improvements, as well as enhanced digestibility. 

 Here at Everspring Farms, we sprout 35 different grains, seeds and beans available as whole seeds, powders/flours, or blends.

Using the ancient practice of sprouting to improve, taste, texture, digestibility, functionality and shelf life of whole grains. 

Everspring Farms 

EST. 1985

We are a family owned business committed to the belief that food is integral to our health and well-being. In 1985, husband and wife team Dale and Marianne started sprouting barley grass on their farm in Ontario, Canada.

Demand for sprouted grains, seeds and pulses for bakery and food manufacturing use grew over the years, and they now operate two sprouting facilities in Seaforth, Ontario.

"We strive to develop and manufacture products and ingredients that are minimally processed in order to retain or improve the nutritional and functional integrity of food"

Our Facilities


Our 75,000 sq ft facility is a dedicated gluten free, dairy free and nut free facility. All production involving wheat and other gluten containing seeds takes place in a separate dedicated facility to avoid any cross contamination. 


We are Organic and Kosher certified for both facilities. 


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