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Here at Everspring farms, we sprout more than 30 grains, seeds and beans. Our dedicated team provides seamless production from seed sourcing to finished sprouted ingredients.



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why choose sprouted

Currently, the demand for healthy whole foods is growing rapidly. Sprouting is an ancient natural process with no shortcuts. So, consumers trust that sprouted products are wholesome and natural.

Sprouting enhances flavour, texture, digestion, nutrition and function. In this way, sprouted ingredients allow you to produce tasty, authentic and healthy finished goods. Sprouted grains, seeds and beans can be easily added to a variety of baked goods, meals and packaged products.

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Expand your product possibilities with flavourful and wholesome ingredients. We will help you explore the unique ways that sprouting can benefit your product.

your trusted supplier since 1985

In 1985, husband and wife Dale and Marianne started sprouting barley grass on our farm. Shortly after, local bakers and retailers started asking for sprouted ingredients for various food uses. Slowly, more research emerged and demand began to grow.

Today, our family owns and operates two facilities in Seaforth, Ontario. We believe food is integral our health and well-being. With this in mind, our mission is to create products that encompass quality and innovation.

where tradition meets innovation

With research and experience, we designed equipment and tightly controlled processes for consistent germination. Over time, we also adapted to volumes for small and large businesses alike. And, while sprouting is ancient, our facilities exceed modern quality, sustainability and food safety standards.

We have a passion for growth, which is why we value opportunities to experiment and collaborate. Our team will provide guidance, resources and inspiration to bring your concept to life.

sprouted for your home

Are you looking for organic sprouted products for personal use? Visit our online store for sprouted grains, beans, flours and baking mixes in pantry friendly sizes.